Geotechnical Engineering

AGI has the equipment required to conduct the necessary soil tests and to design projects with multiple features. Our equipment includes jack hammers, augers, compaction testers, nuclear moisture/density gauges, and other equipment that can register accurate readings of strength in soil while conducting subsurface testing. We also have access to drilling rigs for the drilling of pavement to discover subsurface conditions.

Our on-site laboratory provides efficiency, which allows our clients to see quick results as well as enhancing our ability to report on the prognosis of all projects. This in turn lowers the costs for our clients, as we better suit their needs with professional examinations in a shorter time frame.

Geotechnical engineering services include:

  • Subsurface exploration and foundation design investigations
  • Site selection and feasibility studies
  • Highway and rail exploration, tunnel inspections
  • Slope stability studies
  • Embankment and earth dam design
  • Groundwater control and dewatering
  • Percolation/Infiltration Testing
  • Earth dam grouting
  • Bridge foundation, settlement and consolidation analyses
  • Shoring and retaining structure design studies
  • Soil stabilization studies
  • Sub grade evaluation and pavement design
  • Development of special field and laboratory tests

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